Day 139 – Milk & Cream

Home. It drew ever closer despite my wishing our trip could go on. As we approached Canberra everything became more familiar, gradually at first then more and more quickly.

The roads changed from an ever unfolding adventure into streets I could drive backwards at night with my eyes closed (although probably not legally). We stopped in at Tim’s cafe first to say hello and ease our arrival. We were in no rush to actually be home despite being in Canberra. Afterwards we put off the inevitable a little longer by surprising the Sunday picnic crowd with our arrival. Continue reading “Day 139 – Milk & Cream”

Life in a caravan, Chapter 5 – car travel

Before we left, a number of people with kids of their own, while envious of our travel plans made comments to the effect of “no way I’d do that with my kids, they’re terrible in the car”. With such comments ringing in our ears we did leave with some trepidation. Now that we’ve travelled over 20,000km I’m happy to report our two are terrific travellers.

So for those of you looking to do some travel with kids we thought we’d let you know what worked for us. It is Emma writing today, because Greg generally took the easy job of doing the driving, while I did the wrangling. I should also mention that none of us get carsick and so can spend quite a bit of time with our heads down. Continue reading “Life in a caravan, Chapter 5 – car travel”