De’flies, De’flies

De’flies, de’flies! Oh how I love de’flies. There are so many and I love them all. Each landing is like a tiny massage. That’s thousands of little fly feet massaging your legs arms and face. Why, sometimes you even get a little massage inside your nose. No extra charge. I love the flies. You have to. It’s not optional. If you don’t love them, you hate them. If you hate them life is miserable. At Kings Canyon, Uluru, and especially at Kata-Juta, it is essential that you embrace the flies. Continue reading “De’flies, De’flies”

It’s a long way from Portland to King’s Canyon

It’s a long way from Portland, VIC to King’s Canyon, NT. A really long way. 2200 km rolls off the tongue easy enough and to be sure Dad’s Pajero eats up the miles like there’s nothing to it. But it’s still a really long way.

The World Heritage listed Naracoorte Caves were our first stop on route, 220 kilometers up the road. We spent two nights gathered round a camp fire dreaming of warmer climes and delving into the underground where all manner of creature had fallen to their doom, their bodies entombed for us to come and enjoy as fossilized remains. Continue reading “It’s a long way from Portland to King’s Canyon”

The Piglet Highway

‘Pack up the kids. We’re off to see the Sow and Piglets!’

What? You haven’t heard of the Sow and Piglets, those iconic rocky ocean sentinels standing guard along the Great Ocean Road. Thousands flock to see them every year, though judging by the number of signs on the Great Ocean Road reminding you to ‘drive on the left in Australia’ most, presumably, are foreigners.

I don’t know why, but apparently the Sow and Piglets just didn’t work for people, so they renamed them the Twelve Apostles, which is curious given there was only ever nine of the great rocky stacks. But you can’t have the Nine Apostles can you. Which three would you leave out? So the Twelve Apostles it is, although one fell down and now there are only eight. So it is the eight, Twelve Apostles. Got it! Good. Lets move on. Continue reading “The Piglet Highway”