About Us

We’ve got itchy feet. We took 6 months to go on a trip around Australia in 2011 and never really recovered. The world is big, and marvellous and colourful and stimulating and… big. So much to see, so little time to see it.

I write the majority of our blog posts.  I love the colours and textures of this marvellous planet  – even more when I can capture them in pixels. I’ve been known to jog 2o or 30km km before bed, but if I have  choice, not before breakfast. If I could magic this world free of rubbish and restore a few of its wonderful wild places, I would.

Emma has always dared to be different. Just because most people don’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done. She, more than anything else, is the reason we are taking this trip and the mere prospect of it brings her to life! Without Emma I probably wouldn’t have the courage to step out the door.

Amy is 11 and quite possibly the warmest, kind natured and lovely kid on the planet (no we’re not biased). She swims like a fish and is excited to travel!

Oliver is 9. He’s sharp as a tack, has a memory like an elephant and loves little more than a good story. He’s also a sensitive soul who takes the world in deeply. And on a cricket pitch… well I certainly won’t be batting against him a year or so from now.

So we had a 4 month trip in Australia in 2014 which is blogged about here. For the 2011 trip we blogged but at a different site – here  The text from the old blog is included on this one, but not the photos.

We love receiving comments, so please feel free to leave some.

Updated Jan 2015

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