Straight line fever

Sorry for blogging again so soon but it’s still a bit of a novelty. So today we must have picked the straightest roads in NSW. I know this is a well known phenomenon for travelers around Aus. I also know what we traversed today will likely pale into insignificance by the time we are back, but far out, how far can you drive without turning a corner? To make it even more fun, the vegetation, or rangelands type scrub, was so thick on either side of the road from Narromine to Bourke it was like driving in a tunnel.

The GPS was in fine form again today as well. When we got into Bourke we needed fuel, so endeavoured to solicit the nearest source of petroleum from the GPS ‘fuel’ function. No worries it said. Just proceed 137 km to Cobar (it may not have been Cobar but you catch my drift). Bourke it would seem has no food or lodgings or indeed anything other than ATMs, at least according to the technology. Continue reading “Straight line fever”

An uneventful day!

So we’re here, we’re off, we’re on our way! Oh what an uneventful day. Unless you count…

The predeparture incident where Oliver ‘accidently’ clonked Emma in the chin with a padlock (see action photo below). He and Amy were both a little sad about Dad and Grandma being on their way and having seen the little padlock on the caravan towball Oliver wanted one of his own. So we gave him another one we had in the garage because it seemed that might help. But then we were taking a family photo and the padlock swung! Enough said of that incident.

So it was time to go and I casualy start reversing the van out of the driveway. Well I didn’t see the little red car coming did I. Good thing it saw me, though I don’t think the other dirver was too impressed having to wait. Neither was Emma when I hit the branch of a tree in the park opposite us. Continue reading “An uneventful day!”