Day 19-21 Darwin

So we returned to Darwin a day ahead of schedule so we could return to the Mindel Beach Markets. They’re only on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Again the kids we’re enthralled with the street performers, so much so that when I returned from the great sushi hunt to tell them I couldn’t find any, it was like my words couldn’t penetrate at all… They were transfixed. This time Oliver got the coconut with the straw that he had desperately wanted last time, but couldn’t quite decide whether he liked it or not. The next day we had an entertaining time trying to get it open – see photos!

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Day 16-18 Drink Coffee. Do stupid things faster.

Well you can see why large numbers of people head down here to Litchfield National Park from Darwin… Beautiful waterholes without ‘handbag snatchers’ (as crocs are referred to in our caravan park information).

This time we chose our caravan park because it had a good website. There were quite a few to choose from and without any thing else to go on… It turned out well, the park has lovely shaded sites, which helps our slightly overworked fridge to actually operate as it should. And one night Grandma Jumbo took us all out to dinner… Our first Barramundi. Whilst dining in the open sided shed we noticed a vintage sign… ‘Drink coffee. Do stupid things faster with more energy’. It’s become a bit of a motto for Greg now. Continue reading “Day 16-18 Drink Coffee. Do stupid things faster.”

Day 14-15 Churches, Museums and Swimming Holes

When visiting Europe one tends to overdose on churches, museums and cathedrals. I recall feeling very guilty, as I strolled down the gallery of Italian masters in the Louvre, for not pondering each and everyone of the priceless masterpieces that hung there. But really there is only so many masterpieces one can admire in a sitting, so like all the other tourists the main game was to get to the Mona Lisa as quickly as possible.

When visiting the Northern Territory it seems one could be at risk of overdose from gorgeous swimming holes. They just keep coming. Except that, unlike museums and cathedrals, I’m not sure it’s possible to overdose on gorgeous swimming holes. Continue reading “Day 14-15 Churches, Museums and Swimming Holes”