Escape velocity

We did it. We reached escape velocity. We dreamt and we saved, we planned and we plotted, we worked and worked and as today drew closer it felt like it was coming ever more quickly. For two odd years since our last trip Emma has looked over at me from the couch of an evening and said, ‘oh can we go yet’. Last night, feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of things still on the ‘to do’ list she turned and said, ‘can we go next week!’.

The lists…

No we can’t. It’s today, it’s today and we are off and on our way. Canberra’s gravitational pull has been overcome. The house was spotless and Rach and Josh were already moving in.  Belinda and Jase have taken custody of the mighty Festiva. Our jobs aren’t expecting us back any time soon and we have bid farewell to so many good friends. Banjo (our spaniel) plucked hard on my heart strings as we walked out the door, but not even he could overcome the inertia behind our journey. Continue reading “Escape velocity”