Day 109-114 Signs of the Nullabor

It’s 1181 km across the Nullabor from the little town of Norseman (itself 200 km North of Esperance) to Ceduna on the western edge of South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. 1181 km. Walk in the park! Although it turned out to be the most consecutive days we have spent in the car since Mum and I tackled the drive from Canberra to Darwin.

In my mind the Nullarbor was a treeless flat desert from start to finish, baking hot and with a steady wind from west to east (just as our weather travels) to blissfully glide us on our way. Turns out I was 0 from 3 in my assumptions. Continue reading “Day 109-114 Signs of the Nullabor”

Day 105-108 Best beaches in Aus

Esperance is a nice little town. An active, if not busy port dominates its eastern edge and we enjoyed watching a couple of ships sink deeper in the water each day until they fired up their engines and put to sea.

Near to the centre of the town is the Tanker Jetty, home of Sammy the sea lion. Sammy is a seemingly lazy critter who spent pretty much all of our visit to town sunning himself on the sandy shore. Continue reading “Day 105-108 Best beaches in Aus”

Day 103-104 ‘Dad I caught a crab!’

Holy hell what do I do now? There’s only one thing in that ocean that could bend Oliver’s fishing rod like that (other than the two whales lolling about 25 metres off the rocks we are standing upon while a lazy swell drifts backwards and forwards). It’s got to be a fish. Amy’s gone and caught a fish! That was unexpected. But, but, but… I still haven’t watched the relevant episode of ‘Nick the informative fisherman’ where he tells me what to do once you actually catch a fish. Continue reading “Day 103-104 ‘Dad I caught a crab!’”