The Piglet Highway

‘Pack up the kids. We’re off to see the Sow and Piglets!’

What? You haven’t heard of the Sow and Piglets, those iconic rocky ocean sentinels standing guard along the Great Ocean Road. Thousands flock to see them every year, though judging by the number of signs on the Great Ocean Road reminding you to ‘drive on the left in Australia’ most, presumably, are foreigners.

I don’t know why, but apparently the Sow and Piglets just didn’t work for people, so they renamed them the Twelve Apostles, which is curious given there was only ever nine of the great rocky stacks. But you can’t have the Nine Apostles can you. Which three would you leave out? So the Twelve Apostles it is, although one fell down and now there are only eight. So it is the eight, Twelve Apostles. Got it! Good. Lets move on. Continue reading “The Piglet Highway”

Faces of Melbourne

‘It’s a Picasso! A Picasso!’ Well I never. The things you find in a big city.

‘A what?’ said Amy and Oliver.

‘A painting worth squillions’! I said.


Huh indeed. Fancy that. I didn’t expect to see a Picasso when I woke up that morning. A tram yes. Tall buildings, sure. The Yarra River, of course. But a funny looking face (the weeping woman) painted by Pablo Picasso, nope didn’t expect that. What a pleasant surprise. As were the Monet’s, Cezanne’s and Turner’s in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. That name confuses me though. National Gallery of Victoria… nope I don’t get it. Continue reading “Faces of Melbourne”

Are you travelling?

‘Are you travelling?’ I didn’t know what to say. Was it a trick question? I was sitting, you see,  in the driver’s seat of our car, two bikes on the roof and one and half odd tonnes of caravan hitched up behind. The boot was visibly full of chairs, tables and other paraphernalia required for a holiday. What’s more we were in a queue of others cars, similarly decked out, about 20 metres onto a pier waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania.

So when the Spirit of Tasmania man stopped me and asked, ‘Are you travelling?’ I really didn’t know what to say. Continue reading “Are you travelling?”