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Ever since we left home I have wanted my camera. Lucky for me some friends from home met us in France in July and they bought my camera over for me. So now I can take my own pictures and share some of them with you.  I will put new photos on this same page, so please check back here and leave me comments if you want.

Disneyland California, USA, 9-11 November 2016

We got our picture taken with Goofy.


This was my favourite ride at Disneyland. It was called Grizzly River Run. When we got on we didn’t think that we were going to get very wet but there were lots of drops like the one in the photo and when we got to the bottom we splashed into the water. We got very wet in the end but we didn’t care because it was very hot. We went on it 8 times.


This photo is of the World of Colour show. It was supposed to start at 9pm but there was some technical problem and it didn’t start until 930pm. I thought it was cool how they showed cartoon scenes on the water that was being pumped into the air. It made the fountain show we watched in Vegas look like nothing.


At Disneyland, this was the big roller coaster. I didn’t want to go on it at first, but I did. It was called California Screamin’. We went on it four times. The reason I didn’t’ want to go on it was because it went upside down. When we were upside down it felt like my head was getting pushed down. I didn’t like that feeling very much.



At Disneyland, we think that there are nearly 100 different hats you can buy. I only took photos of 11. Some of them are ridiculous. My favourite one was just plain Mickey Mouse ears. Pretty much everybody was wearing a hat.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 1-8 November 2016

In Las Vegas there was a shop called M&M World. It was a four-story building that only sold M&Ms and M&M stuff! There were heap of different flavours. We each got a bag of different sorts.


One hotel in Las Vegas has a fountain show where it looks like the water is dancing to the music. The hotel was called the Bellagio and the show was cool.


This canal was on the inside of a hotel. It was a replica of Venice in Italy inside a building! It was weird.


This is a fake volcano where they squirted water into the air and shone lights onto it to make it look like a volcano. It was weird too.


This photo was taken at Red Rock Canyon. We were doing handstands on the rocks. It was fun!


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA 28-29 October 2016

This is Bryce Canyon. We had the most amazing rainbow.


This was the coolest hoodoo of all. The colours are cool and the hoodoos are cool. They get made by repeated freezing and thawing which makes bits fall off.


Zion Canyon National Park, Utah, USA 24-27 October 2016

This is at Zion.  It is fall (autumn) here and all the leaves are nice colours. The sun was shining on this waterfall.


At Zion we went on a walk up a river.  The water was freezing but it was fun.


Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, 19-22 October 2016

This is the Grand Canyon.  It was really colourful.  There were lots of reds and oranges. We were on the south rim, the flat bit on the other side is the north rim.  The north rim gets 7m of snow per year while the south rim only gets 4m.  There was no snow when we were there which was not as fun as if there was snow!


At the Grand Canyon there were lots of elk.  This is a male one, they lose and grow new antlers every year.


This is a California Scrub Jay.  I got a lucky shot of this one.  They are hard to get.p1060254

Near Death Valley National Park, California, USA, 16 October 2016

Near Death Valley there were fun rocks that we could climb on. I took a self-timer of Daddy and I in a cave.



This one was the same rocks but the sun was shining on the mountains of Death Valley in the distance.


Yosemite National Park, California, USA, 12-15 October

We went for a walk along a river in Tuolumne Meadows. I was having fun taking underwater photos.


This was just one of my favourite photos in Yosemite National Park. I like the meadows and the trees.


Near Yosemite Village at the base of Half Dome, we were just walking along when we saw this deer standing there. I think that deer must have had its photo taken 1000 times.


This is my best photo of a squirrel. It was sitting on a branch looking at us.


Redwood National Park, California, USA, 4 October 2016

When we were in the redwoods I found a tree that had fallen over and it was very very big. I was sitting in the middle of the trees roots.


Oregon Coast, Washington USA, 29 September 2016

When we were on the Oregon Coast we went to Cannon Beach and we had the best sunset over Haystack Rock.


Seattle, USA 25-26 September 2016

This is the Seattle Space Needle. We didn’t go up it but I took a photo.


This was in Seattle and I liked the reflections in the building.


West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, 16-23 September 2016

I like this photo because we were up to 60km.  The km sign is in the mud which there was a lot of. It was mostly everywhere.  There was nowhere else to put the sign probably.


The track was made out of tree roots and mud.  The stairs were made out of tree roots.  It was fun walking up the roots.


There was a lot of fungus on the West Coast Trail.  There was the most of this sort.


Oliver got a bit wet and his foot got pickled from walking in his wet boots.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 7-11 September 2016

The CN Tower is in Toronto. It is the equivalent of Black Mountain Tower in Canberra. We went up and could see all of Toronto.  The CN Tower is the tallest building in Toronto.


We went to a market in Toronto and I had a waffle with strawberries and syrup.  It was really good.


We went to watch a Blue Jays baseball game.  The Blue Jays are from Toronto, they were playing the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox won.


Prince Edward Island, Canada 3 -6 September

This is the house Lucy M Montgomery based the stories of Anne of Green Gables on.


There was an actor dressed up as Anne.  She was in character and spoke like she really was Anne.


We went on a carriage ride around the ‘Lake of Shining Waters’ which is in the Anne of Green Gables stories.


Nova Scotia, Canada 28 August – 3 September 2016

This is Peggy’s Cove. It was pretty.


Daddy lept over the rocks near the Peggy’s Cove lighthouse.


I really liked the Parks Canada beaver logo on the fireplaces.  We had a campfire every night.


We made ‘s’mores’ on the campfire.  You toast a marshmallow, add mini chocolate chips and put it between graham crackers, and you always want s’more!


We did some day hikes and saw lots of squirrels.  They were cute and hard to get a photo of.


Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada 17-27 August 2016

This is a photo of our cottage in a place called Lockeport. It was a cute little place. We stayed here, without moving, for ten whole days!


Kejimkujik National Park

We went on a canoeing trip with our friends to Kejimkujik National Park.  We paddled to an island. These rocks were fun to play on.


It was deep enough to jump off the rocks.  I like this photo of Tobin because my timing was good.


Sydney was crazy about my camera when we were paddling.  She was always taking it from me to take photos. She took this one of me.


This is the first time I put my camera under water. I like this photo because… I don’t know why, but I think it is cool.


This was a group photo at the place we went canoeing. Oliver is making a silly face because he was tired of us taking photos.



All over Lockeport in the front yards there were little people, mini light-houses, smurfs, row boats, windmills and lots of other ‘kitchy’ stuff.


We went to the Kejimkujik Seaside National Park and walked to this cute little beach. I was having fun taking underwater photos.



p1050204In Lockeport we also went to Becky’s Knit and Yarn. I bought some wool there and made three beanies in four days! One is for me. One is for a friend and I don’t know who the last one will be for. On Fridays they have a knit and yarn gathering at Becky’s Knit and Yarn. I finished my beanies so quickly that I am now knitting socks.



The Ring Road in Iceland, 9-16 August 2016

Jokularson Lagoon
We drove to a lake after the trek and saw lots of icebergs. The icebergs were carving off a big, big glacier. We saw one crash into another. That was fun to watch.


This is the biggest waterfall in Iceland. It is like the Niagra falls of Iceland. It lets down four hundred cubic metres of water per second. Can you see the person in the photo? He looks tiny compared to the waterfall.


Myvatn hot baths
The water in these hot springs is blue but it is natural and warm. It is so blue that when you are swimming you can’t see any lower than your chest.


Whale watching
We had to wear these suits when we went whale watching in Dalvik. It was so cold but the suits were really warm.


We saw two porpoises and about thirty to forty humpback whales up close. None of them came fully out of the water but their tails did. It was a good opportunity to take photos.


Gulfoss is a very pretty waterfall and it is even prettier when it makes a rainbow. It is rare to see the sun in Iceland and the sun with the mist looked AMAZING.


This is a natural water fountain. The water is heated up under the earth and when it is boiling it shoots 20 to 30 metres into the air. It goes off every three to four minutes.P1040964



The Lar-har-har-har trek, 31 July – 6 August 2016

In Iceland we went on a trek called the Laugervegur. I’m not surprised if you can’t say it correctly. We called it the Lar-har-har-har trek. My friend Tobin and I found an ice cave and thought it was cool.


I carried my own pack and all my socks got wet. I put them on my pack to dry while I walked.


We met some Canadians early in our trip and have now seen them in eight different countries. Sydney and I wanted a photo. This one was on the trek.


After our trek we got a bus back to Reykjavik campground. We stopped at this waterfall which you could walk around the back of along the way.


There was an AMAZING sunset from the Reykjavik campground that night.


Paris, 27 July 2016

In Paris we went to the Air and Space Museum and I got to sit in the engine of an old 747. I’m not sure we were meant to, but it was fun.


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  1. I love your photos, Amy. Particularly the one with the rainbow over Gulalsdkjfhlaskdjfhalsdkjffoss. What a beautiful country Iceland is. I hope you will take lots of pictures of Canada. Miss you tons.

  2. Hi Amy, so glad you were able to get your camera, the photos are terrific! Love to read about your travels so keep the stories coming. Love

  3. Good work Amy. You are a great photographer. I love reading your blog and looking at your photos. I think the sunset one is my favourite. We will have such fun together soon with our cameras.

  4. Hi Amy
    Thanks,I enjoyed your view of NS,it is were my dad grew up and I haven’t been there
    The smurfs and garden kritters look like fun
    We are having such wet weather,I looked at your sunshine
    It is fun to see through your eyes

  5. Hi Amy
    you’re an amazing photographer and an amazing writer, I think the photo of the sunset at Reykjavik campground has got to be my favourite photo.
    I really hope you’re having a amazing, fun, cool and double amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I am really looking forward to all the stories you’re going to be able to tell about your journeys and adventures

  6. Hi Amy,
    We love looking at your photos. The one of the fungus on the WCT looks like a crocodile. But we all agree that Oliver’s feet are GROSS. Hope you are having a great time. Can’t wait to see you at Christmas.

  7. Hi Amy thanks for the postcard you look like your having a really good time your blog is amazing I really miss you and can’t wait to see you again I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday
    from Zoe

  8. Hi Amy, that postcard you sent has some really cute animals on it. I really hope your having a great, I really miss you. Hope to see you very soon. oops nearly forgot to mention that your blogs ammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg or maybe i should just spell it normally and if i did pell I mean spell it normally it would go like this, oops i nearly forgot to mention that your blogs a
    from Evie

  9. Fabulous photos and wonderful memories you are creating! I’m so glad you got your camera! Anique has really enjoyed following your journey. Deb x

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