Farewell to Van Dieman’s Land

Freycinet was wonderful, but permanent accommodation was hard to come by. With a little time up our sleeve we went kickin’ down the cobblestones not quite sure which way to go. We landed in Campbell Town 80 or so kilometres inland from the coast. There was a babbling brook, ducks a paddling, a great big paddock with a sign indicating RV’s were welcome and the sun was shining. ‘This’ll do’ we said and pulled up stumps.

It was tough after that. We had to feed the ducks, have a cuppa, walk over to the swings and swing for a while and then read some more of Amy and Oliver’s latest book. Emma felt like making something and so added a few rows to Amy’s crochet blanket. This left Amy to teach me how to ‘pearl’ as part of my ongoing tuition in knitting. I also snuck off, between rows, to look at some more of that old convict stuff. Emma would have been interested I’m sure, but Amy and Oliver are getting a little hesitant when it comes to ‘more old stuff’. Continue reading “Farewell to Van Dieman’s Land”

It’s complex

‘A complex high is forming over the east coast’, the weather bureau said. Hmmm, a ‘complex’ high. Is that weather man talk for, ‘we’re not sure but you might get wet’?  I think it is. High equals sunny. Complex high means it should be sunny but it might not be and we here at the weather bureau are all care and no responsibility. Fair enough too. It’s complex after all.

Well that was no help to us. One of our ambitions for this trip was to do an overnight hike and we always had Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula in our sights. Before leaving we told ourselves we had heaps of time and if the weather was no good we would just wait. But time is now rapidly running out. Easter approaches and so too our departure for the big island (that’s what the Taswegians call it you know). Continue reading “It’s complex”

Two routes north

There are two routes north from the Tasman Peninsula back to Launceston and ultimately Devonport to catch the ferry. One is the Heritage Highway, basically the main drag; the other is the coast road. We want to do both! What to do?

After leaving the Tasman Peninsula we thought we’d head for Richmond on the inland route, but the van park there was uber expensive. So back to Hobart it was. Again. We like the Seven Mile Beach van park though as evidenced by our two previous visits and Amy and Oliver like their friends Rex and Lola who we knew would still be there. Continue reading “Two routes north”