It’s complex

‘A complex high is forming over the east coast’, the weather bureau said. Hmmm, a ‘complex’ high. Is that weather man talk for, ‘we’re not sure but you might get wet’?  I think it is. High equals sunny. Complex high means it should be sunny but it might not be and we here at the weather bureau are all care and no responsibility. Fair enough too. It’s complex after all.

Well that was no help to us. One of our ambitions for this trip was to do an overnight hike and we always had Wineglass Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula in our sights. Before leaving we told ourselves we had heaps of time and if the weather was no good we would just wait. But time is now rapidly running out. Easter approaches and so too our departure for the big island (that’s what the Taswegians call it you know). Continue reading “It’s complex”