Day 12-13 Mataranka and Nitmiluk


We’re very much enjoying this caravan park, we have an ensuite site… No walking to the communal bathrooms really is a nice change and at no extra cost – unheard of! Tonight is our third and last night here in Katherine and we have enjoyed lovely cooler evenings without the mosquitos that bothered us a bit while we were in Kakadu.

Anyway onto the good stuff.

Mataranka. – visited Bitter Springs first, Greg and Di had stopped here on their way to Darwin. Still just as nice. The water is 32 degrees, it is deep and flowing enough to carry you downstream. There is a bit of phenomenon of grey nomads with pool noodles with footwear on each end (to walk back up stream after floating down to the get out bridge) plunging in from the entry steps… They come prepared, though I did see one lady who improvised with a piece of foam matting… Doubled over it kept her afloat. Amy managed well with the kick board and Oliver had a ‘bubble’ on his back, Greg and I managed without floatation devices, we are trying not to become grey nomads just yet. Continue reading “Day 12-13 Mataranka and Nitmiluk”

Day 10-11 Gunlom was great but gee I love bitumen

Greg: ‘Pudsey (Amy’s latest name for me) the road is too noisy’, says Amy from the backseat. She’s got a point, I wanted to turn back after the car started fish tailing on monsoonal size corrugations just 2km in. But no, Emma urged me on (she’s good like that). 36,370 bone jarring, Falcon destroying meters later we pulled into the Gunlom carpark. Which oddly enough is bitumen. Go figure?

Emma: After a short walk to the Gunlom Falls it was decided the trip in was definitely worth it. A refreshing dip in the amazingly scenic pool was only slightly marred by us being the only ones in there. Most people would have been thankful, but Greg being a little paranoid about such matters felt the need place his mum on croc watch and to jump at various shadows. He even felt the need to inquire as to how I was going on my swim across to the base of the falls, all of 50 meters. Continue reading “Day 10-11 Gunlom was great but gee I love bitumen”

Day ? Yellow Water – 15 seconds and you’re gone

‘So’, said the tour guide for our cruise on Yellow Water, ‘If one of you falls over board I’ve got 15 seconds to get you back on board or you’re gone, it’s all over, game set and match’. He was referring to the crocs of course. Seems we didn’t realy need to take the jumping croc tour after all. Yellow Water’s got plenty. I refrained from asking our guide what then was the point of all those life jackets dangling from the ceiling of our oversize tinnie. Gotta say though I kinda held Amy a little closer after the first two crocs. The second was a beast. Sidled up along side the boat and then right before our eyes descended below the surface like it’d never been there. Scary. Continue reading “Day ? Yellow Water – 15 seconds and you’re gone”