Day 19-21 Darwin

So we returned to Darwin a day ahead of schedule so we could return to the Mindel Beach Markets. They’re only on Sunday and Thursday evenings. Again the kids we’re enthralled with the street performers, so much so that when I returned from the great sushi hunt to tell them I couldn’t find any, it was like my words couldn’t penetrate at all… They were transfixed. This time Oliver got the coconut with the straw that he had desperately wanted last time, but couldn’t quite decide whether he liked it or not. The next day we had an entertaining time trying to get it open – see photos!

The following day we had to say goodbye to Grandma Jumbo, or Granny as she has become known. There was significant risk of a bout of sadness particularly from Amy. But it seems Amy had struck a patch of hunger at that point which meant she had an almost one track mind. Tragedy averted.

Then it was down to business. The car was serviced, very thoroughly but at no small expense, with a some what worrying parting comment from the good people at Ford, ‘oh yes and on the test drive the mechanic noted a small whine from the back, could be a bearing or the diff’.

‘Oh good’, I said. ‘What should I do about that?’.

‘Just keep an eye on it, should be ok…’ came the reply.

So now we have to listen for three whining noises from the back.

Other business involved procuring approx $500 worth of groceries from the big Coles and Woolies… And believe it or not there is still some room in the caravan. We also all got haircuts at the caravan park. Not my usual salon style cut, but good enough, and a good price. The lady comes to Darwin each year from Townsville for 6 months… We’re not sure if it is the difference in climate?

Generally though, this time in Darwin was uneventful. Swimming, packing and preparing for the trip west.

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