Time to play

‘Hey Boo (dad)’, Oliver said to me one afternoon as we lay around in the shallow water on the beach down in front of our accommodation. ‘Put your ear underwater’. I did. And heard a bubbling sound from underneath.

‘Did you just ask me to put my ear underwater so that I could hear you fart?’ I asked looking at him incredulously?

‘Yep’ he said bursting into laughter with a huge grin on his face before skittering back out of arms reach. Well that’s why we decided to go travelling with our kids. They add a certain something to the travel experience. Continue reading “Time to play”

Sa-wa-dee-khrap (Hello)

We’re off again and on our way. My dad dropped us off at the airport after three days at his house on the Central Coast where it rained non-stop. We had hoped for a few relaxing days but that wasn’t quite to be. Instead of relaxing we ran around visiting the local Telstra shop to sort out our mobile phones and visiting the bank to sort out the mess I had made setting up direct debit authorities with all our new banking arrangements. Continue reading “Sa-wa-dee-khrap (Hello)”