2014 – The Plan

Since we returned from our 2011 Trip we have been planning the next one.

Some might say we have itchy feet….

The current plan for 2014 has us departing for Tasmania on the 9th of February (the ferry is booked!).  We will travel Tasmania until 13 April when we return to Melbourne and head across to the Great Ocean Road, then onto the Flinders Ranges, through Central Australia and on towards Darwin.  After that most likely a quick detour west to Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) before heading East to Queensland.  We will spend a while in Queensland visiting both the inland and coastal areas, then home through NSW – details yet to be decided.

Our ideal trip will see us return to Canberra in mid December… though our plans could be curtailed by a requirement for Greg to return to his job after only three months (we have our fingers crossed this doesn’t happen!).

6 thoughts on “2014 – The Plan

  1. Safe travels guys, great to see you are doing another blog…we look forward to hearing of all your adventures Lots Of Love The Davidsonsxxxxx

  2. Only two sleeps to go, how exciting! May your travels be safe and the memories you’ll make be everlasting. We’ll miss you!

  3. Bon Voyage Emma, Greg, Oliver and Amy!
    Hope you got away OK today. Have fun on the Spirit of Tasmania. If you want breakfast once you are off the boat there’s a really nice cafe at the Anvers Chocolate factory just up the road OR the Raspberry Farm at Christmas Hills does a nice breaky (plus you get to sample the chocolate dipped raspberries – yummo)! Looking forward to reading your updates.
    Love from the Smillies x

    1. Thanks Linda, we did get away! Super excited and a little bit exhausted sitting by Lake Hume tonight. Greg is writing the first blog of the trip now. The chocolate factory and the raspberry farm both sound amazing… Maybe on on the way in and one before we’re leaving!

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