Day 5 Kakadu – Nourlangie and Ubirr

ok folks … Its Grannie’s turn to blog. Greg. And Em have admitted defeat having worn themselves out catching up on three day’s worth in one sitting. We are sitting out door enjoying a balmy tropical night after a very busy day. Greg instructed us to rise early so we would be able to avoid the heat of the day. So off we went bright and early … South first to view the rock art at the base of an awe inspiring overhanging escarpment at Nourlangie. It was a 1.5 km walk and Amy and Oliver coped brilliantly.

As Em commented to me as we approached the crest of the highest rocky outcrop to view more awe inspiring vistas, the children looked down at the ground the whole way while the adults gazed upwards with wonder in their eyes. Amy and Oliver each returned to camp with a container full of sparkling and “precious” crystals (rocks to you and me). The rock art is best described by the photos we took. I was more struck by standing in huge cavernous shelters in the escarpment itself knowing that a whole race of people had lived, loved and laughed there as long ago as 20,000 years.

Back to camp for lunch, a few loads of washing and a couple of hours of fun in the pool for A & O. Then ever hopeful despite the gathering clouds off we set with dinner packed safely ain backpack to Ubirr rock to watch the sun set. A &O were feeling a little under the weather by this time, but miraculously found their second wind when we got to the base of the 700 metre rock climb. Dinner under clouds (no sun to be seen) was delicious (thanks Em) the vista still spectacular. As dusk fell is grannie set off down the hill ahead of the rest to ensure she could still see where to put her feet. Needless to say A & O needed little rocking tonight. I wonder what Greg has in mind for tomorrow.

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