Day 54-56 Exmouth

Exmouth. Often I’ve noted its existence on the map. Never have I contemplated why it was there. Why would you, as Emma pointed out to me. So it was with interest that I was to learn that Exmouth exists with thanks to the US military who, back in the sixties, erected a dozen or so 300 plus meter tall towers used to transmit Very Low Frequency radio waves to their submarines around the world. Apparently, if Cara our glass bottom boat tour guide can be believed, the station is so powerful it can send a message around the entire globe and back to itself. Today the facility is shared by a number of different militaries, including some which to me did not seem natural allies. All well taken care of by the good people at the Defense Department I’m sure.

The military are also to be thanked for creating the Navy Pier dive site consistently ranked amongst the top ten dives in the world according to the unbiased local dive operators. What makes it so good I asked? Somewhere for the abundant variety of life already present in these waters to grow apparently. Still scuba is a pleasure I’ll never know. Since my lung collapsed many years ago it’s firmly off the agenda for me. Ce la vie.

So in Exmouth we purchased snorkel gear for our week to come in Cape Range National Park. This involved visiting every dive shop in town trying on masks and flippers. We also stocked up on groceries and water supplies and booked a tour on a glass bottom boat. Back at the van park Amy and Oliver tried out their snorkel gear in the swimming pool to great success and the widespread acclaim of the population of grey nomads.

You will note a lack of photos of the glass bottom boat tour that we went on the next day. That is because I was too nervous about throwing Amy and Oliver overboard into the choppy waters way off shore to take pictures. It was a windy day. Anyway with pool noodle under arm over the back of the boat both kids went and snorkeled away for a good five to ten minutes, with Emma and I by their side of course. After they clambered back aboard I amused myself, and hopefully the kiddos as well by swimming back and forwards under the glass bottom boat. Had to be careful of the barnacles!


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