Day 80-83 Fremantle

We did rush down the WA coast a little. We could have lingered longer at quite a few places, but we had mail to collect, and as it included Greg’s Fremantle Half Marathon package we needed it before the weekend. So we arrived Friday afternoon after a really easy drive across Perth. It was strange being in Perth in our own car, having only ever flown there previously. The highways were surprisingly straightforward and our caravan park at Coogee Beach was great.

Next stop was the Post Office. I had looked up the post office address and put this on the entry form. It turns out the PO I chose is not the main Fremantle PO but a little outlet inside a news agency…. The guy there didn’t seem to understand about mail being sent C/O- the post office and claimed not to have any mail… Sigh. We trekked over to main PO and a helpful lady said no if it was addressed to the outlet it would be at the outlet… We entered this race in mid-August!! Plus we also had mail from home being forwarded there including the rego sticker for the caravan. Double sigh. At this point with hungry kids in tow we lost our cool a little. Greg trekked back to the outlet and badgered the news agency man until he got out all of the mail he was holding so Greg could look through it himself! No luck with that though. I went in search of food with the kids. We salvaged the day with an early dinner of fish and chips at the harbour and a play at the playground there. Did I mention that there are so many playgrounds in this part of the world?

We had a rest day on the Saturday. We couldn’t seem to muster the energy to pack and go to Rottenest Island for the day despite it being the best weather forecast for our time here. And at $160 for just the ferry ride our enthusiasm could not be stirred. Groceries, washing, bike riding, playgrounds and pre half marathon resting easily filled the day.

Sunday was the race and that’s got it’s own entry. We were all done there by 1030am and then spent the afternoon in Fremantle. The markets were teeming with people and a huge array of stalls. Even Greg who usually hates markets seemed to enjoy it. Perhaps he was still on his runners high? Amy got a new dress. Handmade in Thailand… It does seem a little ‘Little House on the Prairie’ but she loves it! We all had sushi rolls for lunch. The ‘Cappuccino strip’ had an amazing number of cafes, bakeries and pub type places. The kind of place we’d like to spend a while without the kids. Same with the shopping – we’re on a fairly strict ‘no more stuff in the caravan’ policy now though. We utilised the free busses to get around which helped prevent walking fatigue (mostly the kids but I’m sure Greg’s legs appreciated it too).

Today the weather was supposed to be miserable… A perfect museum day. The maritime museum was our first stop. Lots of great displays including the Australia II. Turns out today is the 28th anniversary of its Americas Cup victory. We went on a submarine tour, which involved going aboard the decommissioned HMAS Ovens Oberon class submarine. Commissioned in 1969 she was retired in 1995. It certainly would take a special kind of person to live aboard one of these. I was struck again by the intricate systems and amazing technology that has been developed for military applications and wonder at where we would be today if the world’s energy had been focussed elsewhere.

After a lunch on the ‘cappuccino strip’ we visited the shipwrecks gallery. Greg was in his element marvelling at all the bits and pieces recovered from sunken ships. This one had actual pieces of the hull of the Batavia!!

And to finish the day we had the 20kg annex couriered home (the bent axle will be happy) and another unsuccessful trip to the post office. Can you get C/O Post Office mail forwarded?

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