Day 95-97 Tingle tingle

Intellectually I know. I know you just can’t grow a tree to a girth of twenty five odd metres or a height of seventy or more without water. So at some point, in the south west of WA, it has to rain. One of those points was the 8th of October. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

Of course the Tingle trees were delighted. Isn’t that a great name. Tingle trees. I’d never heard of them before we hit Walpole. The kids had. They’d been in the back seat of the car listening to ‘The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me’ by Roald Dahl which as chance would have it features the rare purple flowered ‘tingle tingle tree’. This did of course lead to some confusion upon our visits to the real Tingle forests with both Amy and Oliver inquiring where the purple flowers were. 

No purple flowers but what magnificent trees. I think we must have found the old growth as well because some of these trees were enormous. The forests around Walpole are stunning, particularly in the rain, with lush green undergrowth of ferns and broad leaf grass plants contrasting with the rich red and brown bark of the tingle trees themselves. Throw in purple, yellow and orange wildflowers and you’ll excuse me for thinking I’ve died and gone to heaven. Is it the life in a forest which makes you feel alive?

We camped at the Coalmine Beach van park right on the shores of the Nornalup Inlet and were very glad when the rain stopped our first full day in town with blue skies here again the day after that. We visited the ‘Giant Tingle’, and Circular Pool on the Frankland River which was in full ferocious flow following all the rain and looked like a giant cappuccino with all the froth being made by the tea stained water.

Our second day in town was Oliver’s much anticipated birthday. He’d been looking forward to it since Darwin and the excitement was almost tangible. We celebrated with blueberry pancakes following the early morning present ceremony. After which we built a few Lego airplanes before heading off to the famous Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk, Oliver’s chosen birthday activity. This was followed by a trip to the conspicuously named Conspicuous Cliff beach where sand bank sliding and sand angels continued the birthday revelry. We topped it all off by going out for dinner at a Cafe in town whose hospitality made an ok meal a memorable night.

Every night as we tuck them into bed we inquire what the kids favourite part of the day was. Oliver can always come up with something even if it sometimes takes a little thought. On his birthday he reeled off near a dozen highlights without hesitating. Must have been good!

Thanks to all friends and family for the presents and birthday wishes he received.

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