Holy Cow!

In 2009 (I think) the Lonely Planet declared the Bay of Fires the best place on earth (or something like that). I must have noticed and have wanted to visit ever since (I wanna go a lot of places though, so the criteria for getting on my ‘must visit’ list is not too high). Lonely Planet wasn’t too far off the mark I don’t think, although there is an awful lot of world I haven’t seen so I am not really qualified yet to either confirm or deny their opinion!

What I do now know is that the water is clear where the waves break, turquoise blue just behind that, and deep dark blue beyond that. The sand is white, the forest eucalypt green and the granite bolders grey and orange all over. If there is one thing this particular rock (earth) has going for it over all the rest it has got to be the colours (and the supply of air to breathe I suppose). Perhaps more to the point, here at ‘Cosy Corner – North’ the camping is free and the ‘dunnies’ a pleasure (relatively speaking of course, they are still drop dunnies of a sort).

Amazing water
View south from Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner is aptly named. With constant north easters blowing white caps across the Bay of Fires, Cosy Corner has been beautifully protected from the wind. The little beach is also protected from the swell by a barrier of granite rocks upon which the waves break themselves leaving a perfect swimming hole for us, and a couple of others from time to time, to enjoy.

And when we tire of swimming – usually about 10 minutes after we get in given the temperature of the water – we just head back out on to the main beach, into the wind to fly the stunt kite. The looks on Amy and Oliver’s faces as they made it swoop and soar justify this trip on their own. The winds were occasionally so strong, the little parafoil shaped kite was enough to lift Oliver off his feet!

Kite manoeuvring
Pure joy!
The stunt kite

Schooling too has been progressing more smoothly. My favorite lesson in the last few days was music. Recorders are the instrument of choice for this and so it seemed far more magnanimous to remove ourselves from our fellow campers and plant ourselves on the beach, where the waves at least would muffle the sound. Still what a pleasure to sit overlooking this lovely spot while teaching ‘see, saw, up and down’.

Rock leaping
The most amazing leap

Time is up tomorrow however, and we are heading back to Launceston to visit an old school fried of Emma’s and to experience the Evandale Penny-farthing festival. We are going back the slow way so that we can stop in again at the Holy Cow Café, dairy and cheese factory in the picturesque Pyengana valley. We stopped there on our way here. Amy, Oliver and I love the produce so much all are prepared to endure an extra 30 minutes in the car to go back that way.

Pyengana also helped us to knock another ‘great short walk’ off the list with a beautiful little stroll in to the St Columba falls – see photos for details.

Next time you hear from us, I hope to have been a little like Mulga Bill! Oh yes, and some parting words of wisdom from Oliver. And I quote: ‘Laughing with chewed up carrot isn’t good!’.

St Columba Falls walk
St Columba falls – huge tree ferns

3 thoughts on “Holy Cow!

  1. Sounds like heaven on a stick … or should that be beach. Wonderful to know you are experiencing such joy. Go you happy campers!!!

    1. Yep … do they ever forget ANYTHING? It was some time back after big storms on the south coast. Amy and I both took photographs of the spray flying back!! AMAZING memories!

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