Life in a caravan – Chapter 4, lost items

There is a lot to keep track of when travelling by caravan, especially with children. Not only do children leave things places you wouldn’t expect, they can also be blamed for distracting their parents enough to cause them to forget things also. Then there are times I suppose we adults are just a bit hopeless.

We have considered that based on the number of ‘outings’ or ‘trips’ we have done while travelling we may actually be ahead of where we’d be if we did the same number from home say over two years….

So far we’ve lost:

Oliver’s drink bottle – Mindel Markets, Darwin NT
Oliver’s hat – Ubir Rock, Kakadu NT
Amy’s drink bottle, Victoria River Roadhouse, WA
Greg’s sunglasses, Derby rodeo WA
Kids shovels, Kalbarri caravan park playground, WA
Bolt from drainage hose holder under caravan, Karrijini NP, WA
Package of mail from Canberra, somewhere between Canberra and Fremantle
Razor, Esperance caravan park, WA
Emma’s red jumper, SW WA somewhere

Not too bad for 16000+ kms and 115 days or so I suppose.

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